Error codes

This page explains common error codes:


Beacon was unable to verify the site’s identity because DNSSEC validation failed (“bogus” state). This error may be temporary contact the site administrator if the issue persists.


This site uses a key secured by DNSSEC. However, it sent unusual credentials that didn’t match the dnssec secured key. This may be caused by a MITM proxy intercepting web traffic.

A validated TLSA RRSet exists but no certificate matches any of the TLSA records.


Beacon is not ready to verify this site’s identity just yet. It’s still communicating with other peers to sync block headers. This error should resolve in a few seconds.


Beacon is still looking for peers on the Handshake network. This error should resolve in a few seconds, so try reloading the page or check active peers by opening beacon://hns-internals


Timed out requesting proofs from a peer. This error is temporary try reloading the page.